Advanced Address Book

Advanced Address Book 1.2

Advanced Address Book enables you to customize its presentation...

Advanced Address Book enables you to customize its presentation by your own definition. You can custom filter your data to view it any way you wish, as well as organize your address data.

You can specify the data fields and layout that you need. In fact, you can specify different address data fields and address data entry layouts for every address.

Advanced Address Book combines an address database with a range of label and list printing options. Entering data is easy, and you can search through your address data with Advanced search options.

You can also easily find all your contacts with an A-Z index tab. You can also easily import and export your address data with other applications, such as MS Outlook Express.

Advanced Address Book is fast powerful because it is designed to perform functions that only requires for organizing address. Advanced Address Book is taking up only minimal memory system resources by using internal file system.